viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

starting out

   I started in law school in 2010, was very happy to have entered a new phase in my life, enter the university is rare because many people at my school and study many people, that year also did a course for learn to draw like fashion designers, and make many designs of clothing


   Designer suits in some cases are tailored to a specific person are innovative and modern and are always a step in trends, and have a style of clothing for each season of the year


    On February 11, 2010 was found dead in his London home at 40 years old. Police were called at 10.20 am and his body removed at 4.30pm. McQueen's office confirmed the news: "It is a tragic loss. An autopsy confirmed that he hanged himself after having consumed cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. His suicide was apparently motivated by depression had been going on since the death of his mother, only 10 days before his own death.


Remember when I was little I loved to dressed with clothes from my mom and i loved used her dresses and modern shoes she used clothing of Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton, great designers, and when i was in the kindergarten all the time they made contests and i won my dressed it was the most beautiful…..

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

urban leged

THE BLOODY MARY LEGEND AND THE STORY BEHIND IT!!! People say that the Bloody Mary urban Legend is fake. Some people say that the Bloody Mary urban Legend is true. What do you think? I think that it is true because people have done it and even I have done it! I was scared out of my mind but I didnt chicken out, I faced her and the only real thing that she did to me and my sister was she scratched our faces and she locked us in the bathroom for like thirty minutes or so. What you do for people who would like to try it and face her is... 1st you turn off the light and have a lit candle with you, 2nd you close the door and you need to crack the mirror, 3rd you need to spin around ten times and say bloody mary every time, and 4th after you do those three steps... you wait for exactly three minutes (not a second less and not a second more!)and you turn on the light and then you will see Bloody Mary herself and she will do something but I dont know what because ZI have heard that every person is different. Now that I have told you about the legend... I wil talk about her when she was alive! When the Bloody Mary was alive she was a queen of England. They say that she would bathe in her victims blood and that her vistims were the good people that she had killed! My grand father had proven that it is true that she had done that. She also used to drink their bood in a cup that is at a museum in England! Its almost as if she was a cannibal or something! People say that one day she had just lost it and other people say that she was just born crazy like that. I believe the first one where she had just lost it one day. Which one do you believe??? Also the reason why I believe that she had lost it one day is because one day my grand father had flyed down to England and he found out the real truth before he had died. He found out that the reason why she had just lost it one day is because her sister had died because her sisters daughter had killed queen Marys sister and all her other family was dead. The only person in her family that was left was her neice which was queen Elizabeths daughter. But when queen Mary had lost it was when she had killed her neice. So for all the people out there who dont believe in Bloody Mary... BELIEVE!!!!


1.- Look carefully at evidence.
2.- That´s a strange clue.
3.- That figure dissappeared quickly.
4.- Something smells strange in here.
5.- You seem quiet today. Are you OK?
6.- She speaks French fluently.
7.- He´s 90, but he still hears well.

adverbs of manner

1.- use the adverbs of manner to complete the story, use each adeverb only once

calmly , neatly, slowly, clearly, nervously. strangely, happily, quickly, heavily, quietly.

It was raining heavily. I couldn´t see clearly. I drove slowly. Suddenly, I saw a young girl. She was dressed neatly and standing in the middle of road. I was surprised! Somehow, I stopped the car quickly,

"What are you doing?" I asked. She looked at me strangely but didn´t answer. "Are you OK?" I asked, "I´m fine" she answered. Then she smiled happily and walked away quietly. Nervously, I drove to my hotel and checked in. I told the clerk about the little girl. "Do you know her? I asked. "Oh yes", he said calmly. "That´s mary anne. She did five years ago on that road. It was a car accident during a rainstorm.